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Who we are

HRW is an Italian high powered and fast growing firm, offering a full and advanced range of high pressure hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses and hose processing equipments that founds its strategy on the excellence of its products and services. A firm oriented to continuos improvement to create a real added value for its partners.

Our policy

HRW policy is based on giving its hydraulic hoses production capacity an international plan, on expanding its sales network, on overseeing technological know how, on developing new solutions and offering an extensive and reliable range of products.

Our mission

HRW’s mission is to create a valuable production solution for its partners but above all to draw the best know how. Our activities are structured and continuously harmonized. Our excellent performances are lead by our strategic orientation and a deep awareness of the high pressure hoses market in which we operate.

HRW is inspired by principles of correctness, transparency and integrity and adopts the highest standards in the management of its activities. Reliability and reputation are curtail factors for our success and improvement.

We place our customer’s expectations at the center of our actions. Our success benchmark is the satisfaction and the loyalty to the company of our partners.

World wide service


Quality assurance

HRW authorized distributor

HRW offer an hydraulic hose assemblies service through a worldwide network of professional and specialized partners.

HRW hydraulic hoses

HRW high pressure hydraulic hoses meet or exceed the international standards DIN/EN, SAE, ISO.

hydraulic hoses

Raw material selection
Regular test of production
Impulse tests
Burst tests
Abrasion tests
Environment simulation

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HRW offer a complete portfolio of premium quality high pressure hydraulic hoses across a network of authorized distributors. HRW hoses applications include and are not limited to industrial, agriculture, forestal, energy, construction.

HRW consider sustainability a driver in the process of continuous improvement that guarantees results over the time, while reinforcing its business performances and reputation.

The primary goal of HRW’s strategy of international expansion is to grant the presence in the countries where our main clients operates, so that our products may be supplied more rapidly and more efficiently.

HRW rubber hydraulic hoses are manufactured to meet or exceed DIN EN, SAE and other industry requirements using high quality raw materials in advanced and equipped manufacturing plants.

HRW team is strongly focussed on preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. Quality assurance is applied to physical products in pre-production to verify what will be made meets HRW specifications and requirements, and during manufacturing production by validating lot samples by specified quality controls.

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What We Do
- hydraulic hoses
- fittings
- industrial hoses
- hose processing machines

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